Yiin Chuen Logistics & Warehousing Sets Up Shop in Port of Taichung’s Port Industries Development Zone

  • Release date:2018/10/15
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The Port of Taichung, TIPC has announced important progress in its work to recruit new business to the Port of Taichung Port Industries Development Zone. The port’s recent open review of requests to invest in and develop approximately 18,000m2 of land in the Port Industries Development Zone (Phase I) resulted in the selection of the bid submitted by Yiin Chuen Logistics and Warehousing Co., Ltd. as the best. Yiin Chuen’s proposed factory facility, once completed, is expected to generate NT$300 million in annual revenues. Yiin Chuen Logistics & Warehousing was founded in Taoyuan in 1979 as Yiin Chuen Machinery Co., a manufacturer and exporter of water-jet looms. The domestic and international success of its products gave Yiin Chuen a worldwide clientele, which supported the company’s diversification in 2003 into logistics and warehousing. Yiin Chuen set up its Taichung Port branch in the Port of Taichung MOEA Export Processing Zone in 2004, established the Yiin Chuen Warehouse (Yiin Chuen Facility No. 1), and built Facility No. 2 in 2006. The company today has 15 years of dedicated experience in the logistics sector. Yiin Chuen plans to use its latest investment to establish additional logistics warehouse facilities that will be used in its logistics, container packing / unpacking, cargo storage, and reexport business operations. Furthermore, Yiin Chuen will open a high-tech handling area specifically to take care of the specialized needs of clients in the high-tech sector. The company plans to invest NT$400 million, break ground in early 2019, and start operating in January 2020. Once fully operational, the site is expected to generate around NT$300 million in annual revenues. In a statement, officials of the Port of Taichung remarked that the nearly 55.45ha of remaining land available in the Port Industries Development Zone will be gradually organized into several bids and offered up for investment and development. The port hopes to foster a mutually supportive industry cluster, increase the effective utilization of available land in the port, and generate new jobs and economic opportunity in the area. Provided by:Port of Taichung, TIPC Contracts Office Contact Person:Fan-chin Wang, Manager, Telephone No.04-2664-2559 E-mail Address:fangeen@twport.com.tw