Work on North Wharf Nos. 1 and 2 and the New Passenger Boarding Corridor Approaches Completion. Set to Significantly Reduce Wait Times for Arriving / Departing Passengers

  • Release date:2018/08/13
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Ensuring the smooth and easy flow of passengers through arrival and departure procedures at Taipei Port, work is nearly finished on a dedicated passenger terminal as well as an elevated walkway that will connect the new terminal to North Wharf Nos. 1 and 2. Once opened, this new integrated facility will effectively resolve Taipei Port’s longstanding lack of dedicated passenger arrival and departure facilities. Taipei Port, a subsidiary of the Port of Keelung, TIPC, serves primarily as a cargo port. To date, the port’s limited ferry and cruise traffic has largely been directed through North Wharf No. 3 for the convenience of passengers and to avoid interfering with cargo handling operations. After processing through the port’s administration building, departing passengers currently ride shuttle buses to North Wharf No. 3. In the future, passengers will be able to board directly after completing immigration and customs procedures all within the new integrated facility. Passenger processing times will be significantly streamlined and shortened, with procedures for fully-loaded passenger ferries such as the 774-passenger Rera and 760-passenger Haixiahao expected to take 1.5 hours instead of the current 2 hours. The new integrated terminal replaces the original 405.5m x 10m concrete-block gravity wall with a 20m wide sheet-pile quay wall wharf, deepens the water depth of associated berths from -4.0m to -8.0m, and adds a new 150m long, 6m wide, and 5.5m tall boarding corridor. Construction began on May 31st, 2016 with a project budget of NT$330 million. To ensure that work did not interfere with regular port operations, the project was implemented in three phases, which focused, respectively, on the wharf, the boarding corridor, and related facilities. Phase one has been completed, with final inspections finished on April 23rd, 2018. Phases two and three completed initial inspections on June 29th, 2018, with final inspections expected to wrap up by the end of August following expedited improvement measures. The facility expects to be open for passenger service by the end of this year, after securing the necessary usage permits and installing the requisite customs, immigration, quarantine and security (CIQS) equipment. Provided by:Port of Keelung, TIPC Contact Person:Musan Lin, Supervisor Telephone No.:02-26196202 E-mail Address:musan