Wind Power and Tourism Underpin Impressive Performance of Port of Taichung in 2022

  • Release date:2023/01/18
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2022 marked Port of Taichung's 46th year in business. Over its nearly half-century career, the port has regularly invested in the soft and hard infrastructures necessary to meet evolving economic and ocean-shipping needs and adjusted its operations as necessary to meet national policy priorities. Today, these trends have converged to make Port of Taichung a key center of offshore wind farm and green energy sector activity in Taiwan. In 2022, port and port partner efforts helped Port of Taichung reach 135 million metric tons (mt) in handled cargo volume. This included 8.75 million mt in additional wind-farm-related cargo, increasing cargoes in this category by 300% over 2021. Also in 2022, the influx of new tenants into the port's 107.3ha National Offshore Wind-Energy Development Park at the beginning of the year has been sufficient to begin closing the circle on a fully functioning wind-power industry cluster. Park firms now include, among others, Tien Li Offshore Wind Technology, which is Taiwan's first domestic wind-turbine fan blade manufacturer and current supplier to CIP's Changfang Offshore Wind Farm, and Siemens Gamesa, which has leased 12ha of port land to expand its current nacelle assembly capacity and expand into new wind-turbine components production. Port of Taichung will continuing partnering closely with key related industries to build together a bright future for the green energy sector in Taiwan. Apart from repositioning itself as a homeport for the offshore wind power industry in support of national policy goals, Port of Taichung is vigorously developing opportunities for travel and tourism in and around the port. Facilitated by TIPC, Sincerity Architecture Group's subsidiary Jen-I Industries (current manager of the port's Academy of Maritime Development Park) partnered with Europe's second-largest international hotel franchise Golden Tulip to create the Golden Tulip Hotel Taichung. The hotel, which welcomed its first guests in November 2022, is the first world-class hotel on the Taichung coast, with ambitions of becoming Taiwan's first Green Key-certified hotel. Golden Tulip Hotel Taichung is hoped to be the anchor of an increasingly vibrant tourism sector centered on the port. Port of Taichung's impressive performance owes much to the efforts and initiative of its industry partners. The port is committed to creating a high-quality, diverse, and sustainable environment for business that will be an engine driving the sustainable growth and success of industry and bringing prosperity to both the port and its surrounding communities. Provided by:Port Business Dept., Port of Taichung, TIPC Contact Person:Che-wei Hsu, Manager Telephone No.:04-2664-2130 E-mail