date:Nov. 14, 2018

Origin Targets Range of Service Annual record

Annual record
■ 1996
Port EDI Standard formulated .
Port EDI Standard promotion.
Port MTNet website configuration.
■ 2000
Hazardous Substances Declaration System.
■ 2001
Container Movement Data Transmission Exchange Standard.
■ 2002
Port service charge .
Port Im/Export Manifest Piloting System.
■ 2003
Port Incoming/Outgoing Visa Control System.
Shipping Industry Control System.
Marine Technicians Control System.
E-payment & E-invoice.
Sea Vessels Control System.
Country of Port Control.
■ 2004
Design of XML Interface & Connection between MTNet & Government Trade Single Window.
Design & Analysis of Port Office Go-down Single Window Mechanism & Summarized Forms.
Navigation Administration Control BPR.
Design & Analysis of MTNet Statistics Enquiries.
Piloting System for Port Area Container Entrance/Exit Control Operation.
■ 2005
Enquiries of Port Bay Go-Down Application Status.
Navigation Administration Control Single Window Application Enquiries Operation System MTNet Statistics Enquiries System.
Container Movement Data Transmission Exchange System.
With the single window service platform (MTNet), the port administration desires to Build up Mtnet as the single window of port information, and data exchange center to serve domestic port authorities and shipping service providers.