date:Oct. 21, 2018

Port of Kaohsiung Completes Comprehensive Typhoon Disaster Prevention and Response Drill in Preparation for the 2018 Typhoon Season  
Responding to unstable climatic conditions in recent years and the regular and serious threat of seasonal typhoons to port infrastructures and facilities, the Port of Kaohsiung, TIPC completed this year’s Typhoon Disaster Prevention and Response Drills at the end of April and convened the 2018 Port of Kaohsiung Typhoon Preparedness Meeting, convey critical information and promoting effective preparations against typhoon damage and losses through hands-on practice and discussions with port agencies and businesses. Concurrently, formal inter-agency cooperation has been stepped up to ensure effective disaster-prevention communications and action. It is hoped that these efforts effectively minimize, or even avoid altogether, typhoon damage. Working to further strengthen its typhoon prevention capabilities and effectively mobilize and target personnel and resources, the Port of Kaohsiung held the 2018 Typhoon Disaster Prevention and Response Drill in concert with the Navy’s Zuoying Logistics Command, the Coast Guard Administration, the MOTC Maritime and Port Bureau, Kaohsiung City’s Marine Bureau, the Kaohsiung Harbor Police Service Corps, and the Kaohsiung Harbor Fire Brigade. This full-scale drill was coordinated in real-time by responsible administrative authorities in the four main categories of Incoming Typhoon Preparation Procedures; Emergency Response and Rescue Procedures for Untethered Ships, Collisions, Groundings, and Oil Spills; Emergency Response to Structural Leakage and Flooding Disasters; and Post-Disaster Recovery Procedures. Ensuring that each participating agency is familiar with and ready to execute its designated disaster-response and rescue responsibilities is critical to ensuring the effective control, prevention, and handling of typhoon disasters and the expedient recovery thereafter. The Port of Kaohsiung stated that in addition to the abovementioned drills, it had convened the 2018 Port of Kaohsiung Typhoon Preparedness Meeting, which delineated typhoon preparation and response measures and relevant regulations to businesses that operate in and through the Port of Kaohsiung. Attendees were informed that the typhoon response center would be activated and that land and water inspections would be initiated upon notification of an approaching typhoon. In addition, vessel moorings should be reinforced, containers and cargo should be secured with cable, and warehouses, offices and other buildings should prepare sufficient sandbags and water pumps. Moreover, equipment and materials at worksites within the port should be fully secured against typhoon winds. In addition, all shipping companies and typhoon response-and-rescue-related agencies, apart from ensuring typhoon preparedness within their scope of authority, should remain on high alert, keep regular contact with other port businesses, and coordinate available disaster response and relief resources in order to maintain optimal levels of preparedness. Provided by:Harbor Management Dept., Port of Kaohsiung, TIPC Contact Person:Chia-ling Tsai, Acting Director Telephone No.:07-5622124 0911-167352 E-mail