date:Sep. 25, 2018

Port of Kaohsiung Enhances Workplace Safety and Health through Consistent Training, Promotion, and Vigilance  
As part of regular efforts to meet its corporate responsibilities and insure the safety of all facets of port operations, the Port of Kaohsiung, TIPC continuously plans and executes a comprehensive and integrated system of relevant safety and health (SH) management mechanisms and promotions. These are designed to maintain and improve the safety and health awareness of port staffs and businesses and to regularly remind staffs of the importance of vigilance in all of their work procedures in order to reduce the risk and incidence of accidents to a minimum. SH management planning and implementation at the Port of Kaohsiung is conducted principally under the Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Management System (TOSHMS) framework. May, observed throughout the TIPC organization as Safety & Health Month, is a period of heightened promotion, commendation, discussion, and auditing with regard to safety and health issues, with the goal of further bolstering related efficiencies and reinforcing key concepts. In the run-up to Safety & Health Month, the port in April organized an SH activity under the theme “Safety from the Start, Health in the Foundations”. Hosted by TIPC Chairman Hong-mo Wu, the activity was attended by employees and their families as well as representatives from shipping and cargo handling companies operating at the port. The activity engaged participants in a series of fun games designed to sharpen awareness of key SH principles in the workplace, build a supportive jobsite safety culture, and maintain a port-wide friendly workplace environment. Furthermore, the Port of Kaohsiung on May 11th at the request of the Ministry of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) held the “Outreach to Indigenous and Disadvantaged Employees, Workplace Accident Prevention Pledge” activity in cooperation with OSHA and BES Engineering Corporation in order to further expand the scopes of SH activities and of workplace accident-prevention awareness. Port of Kaohsiung Chief Secretary Li-mei Lin attended on behalf of TIPC and signed the pledge document with the other invited agencies and organizations, underscoring their common cause in focusing additional attention and resources on the needs of disadvantaged employees. In an official statement, the Port of Kaohsiung that regularly holding safety-and-health promotion activities and effectively managing key related issues from the outset smooth the way for effective prevention, reduce related risks, and insure high levels of safety in the workplace. Regular promotion activities, building a positive SH culture at the port, and internalizing workplace SH concepts as good habits are all critical to the Port of Kaohsiung minimizing the risks and incidence of accidents. Provided by:Occupational Safety Department, Port of Kaohsiung, TIPC Contact Person:H.C. Chang, Director Telephone No.:07-5622500 E-mail