date:Oct. 21, 2018

TWPORT Harbor 
Repair Work on February Earthquake Damage to Hualien Port Facilities to be Completed by Month’s End(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/10/15
Anping Port’s ‘Twin-Engine’ Strategy of Tourism and Free Trade Blazes a New Trail for Coastal Tourism and Industry in the Greater Tainan Area(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/10/15
Yiin Chuen Logistics & Warehousing Sets Up Shop in Port of Taichung’s Port Industries Development Zone(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/10/15
2018 Global Harbor Cities Forum Set to Give New, Positive Forward Momentum to Port-City Cooperation(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/09/19
Port of Taichung January-August Passenger Growth Rate Reaches Near-5-Year High(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/09/19
Port of Keelung Upgrades Facilities to Ensure Safety of Shoreline Fishing Enthusiasts(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/09/19
Plans Moving Forward to Raise Bulk-Cargo-Handling Efficiencies at Port of Kaohsiung Public Cargo Wharves(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/09/19
Revitalizing Port Buildings; Promoting Green, Renewable Energy(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/09/19
Major Upgrade Scheduled for the Port of Kaohsiung’s Automatic Gate Sentry Post Control System(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/08/13
Port of Taichung to Announce Public Bid on Land in the Domestic Offshore Wind Industry District of Industrial Zone (II)(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/08/13
Work on North Wharf Nos. 1 and 2 and the New Passenger Boarding Corridor Approaches Completion. Set to Significantly Reduce Wait Times for Arriving / Departing Passengers(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/08/13
Taiwan’s Sea Gate to the World – Beam-Raising Ceremony Held for Port of Kaohsiung’s New Port and Cruise Terminal(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/07/23
Port of Hualien Set to Launch 2018 Hualien Harbor Summer Camp(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/06/04
Port of Kaohsiung Enhances Workplace Safety and Health through Consistent Training, Promotion, and Vigilance(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/06/04
Taipei Port Opens Limited Area to Public Surf Fishing, Expanding Opportunities for Water Leisure and Recreation(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/06/04
Port of Kaohsiung Completes Comprehensive Typhoon Disaster Prevention and Response Drill in Preparation for the 2018 Typhoon Season(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/05/03
TIPC to Recruit 203 New Employees, with Starting Salaries of NT$32k for Regular and NT$46k for Technical Staff(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/05/03
The Fresh, New Face of Taiwan’s Commercial Ports; The Port of Taichung Makes Ready to Become a Central Taiwan Tourism Spotlight(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/05/03
Port of Kaohsiung Looks Forward to Hosting an Expanding Bevy of Yacht, Adding Further Luster to Asia’s New Bay Area(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/04/09
Proactive Response in the Aftermath of the February 6th Hualien Earthquake Underscores TIPC Commitment to Community Restoration and Social Responsibility(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/03/08
Commencement of New Sikunshen Bulk Cargo Wharf and Associated Facilities Project at Anping Port Set to Fuel Further Anping District Growth and Expansion(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/03/08
Work Commences on Phase A of Yacht Marina at Anping Port(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/03/08
Cruise Travel Full Steam Ahead; Keelung, Kaohsiung Homeport Operations Drive Momentum(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/03/08
Taiwan International Ports Corporation Ltd. Appreciates 6-Year Long Mutual Growth with Maritime Industry And Cooperates Abroad as Sustainable Corporate(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/03/01
Strong Volume and Value Growth Sees Port of Kaohsiung FTZ Attain New, All-Time Highs(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/01/01
Work Commences on Port of Taichung Offshore Wind Farm Turbine Support Wharves(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/01/01
Taipei Port-Pingtan Ferry Route: An Attractive New Choice for Travel Across the Taiwan Strait(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/01/01
Improvements to the Keelung Harbor Building to Enhance Service Quality, Improve Port Image(TWPORT Harbor) 2018/01/01
All of TIPC’s International Commercial Ports Now EcoPort Certified, Deepening Sustainability Results(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/12/28
Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) will host the 32nd Sino-Japanese Modern Engineering and Technology Symposium, Port Subgroup on November 22nd in Hualien.(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/11/20
Enduring Platform of Taiwan-Japan Engineering and Technology Sharing: The 32nd Sino-Japanese Modern Engineering and Technology Symposium(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/11/20
Results of Investment Recruitment Efforts at the Port of Taichung (October – November)(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/11/20
Port of Keelung’s East Harbor Building Processes First Commercial Advertising Application(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/11/20
City-Port Cooperation to Create Pleasure Yacht Marina as New Spotlight Attraction(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/10/12
2017 Ferry Transit Numbers on Budai – Penghu Route Hit Record High of 530,000 Passengers(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/10/12
Creating a New Green Image at the Port of Taichung(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/10/12
Reconstruction of Submerged Breakwater and Installation of Tetrapods to Ensure Safety of Tofu Bay Waters Near Suao Port(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/10/12
“New Dialogues on Port-City Cooperation; New Dynamism from Reoriented Development” – The 4th Forum on Port-City Cooperation & Development Will Hone in on 3 Issues Central to Successful Port-City Development(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/08/14
A New Port Painted in Vivid Colors & Lights – The Port of Hualien Scenic Bridge Reconstruction Project(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/08/14
Newly Released TIPC Book “Confidence in the Wind: A Record of the Fishing Boat Groundings at Xiziwan” and Documentary Film Share Valuable Disaster-response Insights and Experience(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/08/14
Mitsui Set to Break Ground on the Mitsui Port of Taichung Outlet Park This Month!(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/08/14
Port of Keelung to Open 100-lot Parking Facility near the North Entrance of Keelung Train Station(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/08/14
Work Begins on Port of Taichung Offshore Wind Farm Turbine Assembly and Handling Wharves(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/07/10
The Port of Keelung Warmly Embraces Cruise Travel Future, Takes Sage Advice from Top Industry Expert(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/07/10
Port of Kaohsiung Cruise Ship Wharf Installs New Mobile, Adjustable Passenger Bridge, Significantly Enhancing Passenger Service Capabilities(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/07/10
Cargo Owners and Related Businesses Encouraged to Leverage the Advantages of the Sea Cargo Expediting Center at Anping Port(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/07/10
Clear Sailing Ahead! Port of Kaohsiung Cruise Home Port Efforts Showing Results(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/06/15
TIPC and BIMCO Hold Highly-regarded Joint Shipping Certification Course with a Balanced Focus on both Theory and Practice(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/06/15
The 2017 Green Port and Port Safety Forum Sets International Commercial Ports on Course for Environmental Excellence(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/06/15
TIPC Joins 30th IAPH World Ports Conference, Meets with Cross-section of Attending Port Authorities & Administrators, and Leads Post-Conference Delegation to Malaysia’s Sabah Ports Sdn Bhnd to Discuss Bilateral Cooperation and Pursue “Southbound” Investment Opportunities(TWPORT Harbor) 2017/05/25