Information Security Policy

Information security definition

Dear friends, thank you for coming to the "MTNet Service Platform" website. Your personal privacy are absolutely respected and protected by "MTNet Service Platform". To help you understand how the "MTNet Service Platform" protects your online interests, please read the following information in detail:

About the scope of policy

The following privacy policy applies to the collection, use and protection of personal data involved in your "MTNet Service Platform" website, but does not apply to the websites of various government agencies that are linked to the functions of this website. All websites that have been linked through the "MTNet Service Platform" have their own privacy policies, and the "MTNet Service Platform" does not bear any joint responsibility. When you link to these websites, the privacy policy of each website applies to the protection of personal data.

About the collection of personal data
  • The "MTNet Service Platform" does not collect any personally identifiable information, but simply collect the browsing and downloading files behavior on the website.
  • The website records the IP address of the user's website, the time spent on the Internet, and the web pages viewed on the website. These materials are used for the survey of website traffic and online behaviors within the website of the Ministry of Communications's World Wide Web. Quantitative analysis to improve the service quality of this website, and the "MTNet Service Platform" analyzes only the total user behavior and does not analyze individual users.
  • The "MTNet Service Platform" is obliged to protect the privacy of each applicant and will not modify or delete any personal data and files without your consent. It will be obtained unless you have agreed in advance or if:
    • Violation of the provisions of this website, such as when there is a swearing or personal attack in the traffic forum.
    • Protect or defend the rights or ownership of the individual concerned.
    • To protect the interests of all relevant units of this website.
References to the website of this department should pay attention to matters

All the information (including the image files and text files) on the website of the Department, all of which belong to the Department (except for the websites linked to the outside of this website), before citing any information in the website of this Department or linking to any website of this website, please first The e-mail method can be sent to the public opinion mailbox of this department or quoted by the Ministry.

Information security scope

Covers the relevant areas of computer technology and personnel management.

Information security implementation content
  • Regularly conduct information security education training and promotion to enhance the information security awareness and standards of the "MTNet Service Platform".
  • Establish a custody system for information assets, effectively allocate, use and manage the information resources of the "MTNet Service Platform".
  • Improve computer network defense technology, and timely block the invasion and destruction of the outside world.
  • Evaluate the security level of information assets and give appropriate access to relevant personnel.
  • New or changed operations of various computer systems should be established and fully documented for future reference.
  • Establish an emergency response mechanism for information security incidents and plans for post-disaster reconstruction, and repeat performances and tests.
  • Establish an information security auditing system, conduct regular or irregular auditing operations on the computer mainframe room, test workplace and various computer systems of the "MTNet Service Platform", and it is strictly forbidden to delete and modify the audit records.
  • Strictly abide by the operating specifications and related information regulations of the "MTNet Service Platform".