For consultation with service personnel, 24-hour customer service line: 0800-022-120 (free of charge), customer service mailbox: service@mtnet.gov.tw

  • Q1How to find my permissions in MTNet?

    After you log in to MTNet, the application system and function items displayed on the left are application system options available to you.

    You must have an account of these applications before you can use them. 

  • Q2Who is responsible for website information update (such as vendor information)?
  • Q3How to deal with connection between the client and MTNet?
    Transmit data on the TCP/IP protocol based Internet.
  • Q4What are the hardware and software required for MTNet users?
    Hardware requirements: PC, network cable, and card reader (optional); software: Win 2000 or later edition of Windows OS
  • Q5Are there privacy exposure or security issues when giving my personal information to MPB or MTNet system administrator?
    No, MTNet data handlers and administrators are bonded by confidentiality agreement. 

    All personal confidential information is strictly protected according to the Information Security Management System (ISMS) regulations to protect against the leakage of your data.
  • Q6Who can help me in case of any operation problem?
    Please use the customer service hotline at 0800-022-120 and email at service@mtnet.gov.tw 
  • Q7Is MTNet website available to everyone?
    No, the main users of MTNet are ocean carrier, MPB, and MOTC relevant marine operation personnel; all of them must register with MTNet before accessing it. 
  • Q8What kind of system the MTNet is?
    The MTNet is a platform for shipping operators, MPB, and MOTC's marine operation relevant personnel for single login to execute port and stock application operation of each MPB You can also get new shipping information on MTNet, or exchange information with peers or official contractors in community service to get up-to-date shipping information. Contains the following features:

    Joint operation service center including maritime and port electronic payment system, statistical inquiry

    Marine Inter-Organization (Customs, Industry and Commerce e Netcom) Information Integration Service Center

    Marine Operation Networking Standard Information Exchange Center

    Ocean carrier hyperlink

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