Vessel inbound/outbound management

  • Vessel inbound/outbound management is the main subsystem for marine supervision operations. It provides operator vessels with inbound/outbound visa functions to increase the ease and speed of applications, and automatically reviews vessel certificates and seaworthiness documents to ensure voyage safety.


    1. System Purpose

    (1) Provide ocean carrier, agent, and shipowner services for vessel inbound/outbound visas.

    (2) Establish a vessel inbound/outbound visa system for major domestic commercial ports; improve the efficiency of vessel arrivals and departures; and simplify ocean carrier operations.

    (3) Carry out various web-based filings for the inbound/outbound visa to achieve the goal of paperless operations in order to improve service quality.

    (4) Integrate information from external marine-related application systems through the application system interface, and provide visa, vessel, and port information required by each port and stack operations.

    (5) Integrate actual vessel inbound/outbound port times returned by each harbor warehouse and stock system into a dynamic inquiry system. This provide operators, CIQS units, and Maritime Affairs Centers with online, up-to-date about vessels in port.


    2. System Scope

    (1) Vessel inbound/outbound visa operations.

    (2) Vessel inbound/outbound visa operations for overseas shipping centers.

    (3) Warship inbound/outbound visas.

    (4) Registration of passenger inbound/outbound port.

    (5) Vessel certificate supplement operations.

    (6) In-port transfer operations.

    (7) Marine company voyage and shipping embargo control operations.

    (8) Vessel inbound/outbound port inquiry and reporting.

    (9) Harbor warehouse and stock system data interface in Keelung, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Hualien and Su’ao.