Marine Technician Management

  • 1. System purpose

    (1) Effective management and use of maritime technician human resources.

    (2) Provide various statistical data required by high-ranking executives for decisions involving changes in the shipping industry and management of maritime technician.

    (3) Access up-to-date, online information on maritime technicians via network-connected computers.

    (4) Shorten the time for crew certification; improve work efficiency; quickly make detailed rosters in order to save manpower.

    (5) Centralize network database management to provide up-to-date maritime technician information.

    2. System scope

    (1) Add, change, and delete basic information about maritime technicians.

    (2) Seafarer duty manual revoke and recovery processing.

    (3) Seafarer examination; training (including professional, onshore promotion, development, and reinforcement training); practice certificates; registration certificates; training certificates; competency certificates.

    (4) Management of yachts and small ship driving license exams; releasing exam registration scores; certificating management.

    (5) Data management of seafarer rewards and punishments, control, smuggling, and jumping ship.

    (6) Seafarer resignation; printing service experience certificates; listing current seafarer review and processing.

    (7) Management of national ships employing foreign seafarers; quota management; review of accreditation certificates and issuing operations.

    (8) Domestic seafarer abroad employment management. 

    (9) Basic seafarer information, certificates, resignation and service statistics reporting.

    (10) Seafarer training, seafarer certificates (including competency and training certificates); domestic seafarer abroad and foreign seafarer employment online applications and statistics reporting.

    (11) Surveyor management.

    (12) Pilot management.

    3. Organization scope

    (1) Ministry of Transportation and Communications: Department of Aviation and Navigation; Department of Statistics; Information Management Center.

    (2) Maritime and Port Bureau: Vessel Management Division; Seafarers Administration Division; Maritime Safety Division; North Maritime Affairs Center; Central Maritime Affairs Center; South Maritime Affairs Center; East Maritime Affairs Center; Mazu Office; Kinmen Office.

    (3) Maritime technician training institutions: CMSTC; National Taiwan Ocean University; Taipei University of Marine Technology; National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology; Evergreen Seafarer Training Center.

    (4) Seafarer onshore promotion training assessment agency: National Chinese Seamen’s Union

    (5) Foreign Seafarer Employment Counseling Committee (R.O.C.); Domestic Seafarer Abroad Employment Counseling Committee (R.O.C.)

    (6) Yacht and motor boat driving training institutions.