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Aids to Navigation Service Fee


National ship name registration application

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Free port area exclusive fleet vehicle license validity period inquiry

Commercial port service fee inquiry system

Central Weather Bureau "oceanographic forecasting"

Kaohsiung Port Ship Status Notification Integration System

Taiwan Port NET

Survey overdue vessel public information inquiry

Online survey booking status inquiry and cancellation

Ship/boat/yacht online booking for vessel survey

Vessel announcement

Sailor Smart Service Platform

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Public Information Platform

National ship name usage status inquiry

News information
  • KeelungPort2021/07/29

    Port of Keelung Steps up Disinfection Measures to Maintain Border Quarantine Safety

  • KaohsiungPort2021/07/29
    Port of Keelung Steps up Disinfection Measures to Maintain Border Quarantine Safety
  • TaichungPort2021/07/29
    Installation of New Caisson Gate at Port of Taichung Dockyard Gives Strong, Welcome Boost to Port's Vessel Maintenance and Repair Capabilities
  • HualienPort2021/07/29
    New Spotlight Destination: Port of Hualien's Inner Harbor Coastal Tourism Corridor Soon to Move from Planning to Development
  • HualienPort2021/06/24
    Overall Study and Planning Work on Port of Hualien Drainage System Completed
  • MPB2018/11/17

    Crew Intelligence Service Platform Functional Description Session 3

  • MTNet2018/11/13
    MTNet Portal Revision Notice
  • MPB2018/10/31
    Crew Wisdom Service Platform Function Description Session 4
  • MTNet2018/10/24
    "107 Annual MTNet Platform Function Enhancement Project" Education and Training Program
  • MTNet2018/10/24
    MTNet Platform System Maintenance Announcement
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