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Privacy Policy of MTNet Seaport Information System Network

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting at MTNet Seaport Information System Network website. MTNet absolutely respects and protects your privacy. Please read the following information to let you have better understanding of how this website is doing its best to protect your privacy:

‧ On the Scope of Applicable Policy:

The following privacy policy is applicable to collection, application and protection of any personal data involved in your activities at this site of “MTNet Seaport Information System Network”, but not applicable to any web sites of government agencies linked to this Site. Any other web site linked to this site has its exclusive policy of privacy; and this web site is not liable for the protection of such privacy policy. Therefore, the individual policy of privacy for the protection of personal data shall be applicable accordingly according to the website you're linked to.

‧ Notice to Quote Data from this Site:

MTNet is owner of copyrights of any and all data (including graphic files and text files) published on this site (with the exception of any external web sites linked to this site). To quote any of such data, please contact and seek the prior consents from MTNet either by e-mail or by ordinary mail.