North Taiwan Maritime affairs center-Suao MPD

North Taiwan Maritime affairs center-Suao MPD

Address: No.1, Gangqu, Suao Township, Yilan County


  • Bus

    1.Take the Kamalan or Capital passengers to the Luodong Transfer Station (Luodong Railway Rear Station), get off at the left side of the train station and take the KUO-KUANG Passenger Transport to the Nanfangao route. Get off at Suao Port Station.

    2.After taking the KUO-KUANG or MTC Passenger (via Luodong) to Suao Station (after going to Nanfangao), you can walk to "Zhongshan Road" and cross the Baimixi Bridge to "Sudong Middle Road" for about 8 minutes to reach "Suao Port".

  • Train

    Mass transit takes the "Northern Railway" train to the direction of Yilan and Suao Station. At the middle of the road, change to the "Su'ao Station" tram at the "Suao New Station". After getting off the bus, walk to Taiping Road and turn right at the station. It takes about 10 minutes to get to the "Suao Port" by Bai Mixi Bridge "Sudong Middle Road".

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