South Taiwan Maritime affairs center-Makung MPD

South Taiwan Maritime affairs center-Makung MPD

Address: 5F., No. 36-1, Linhai Rd., Magong City, Penghu County (880)


  • Car

    ◎Toward the South Airport Airport Terminal Road/204 County Road Advance → Continue straight to the airport terminal contact road / 204 Jia County Road → Turn right at 204 County Road → turn left, proceed toward Xindian Road → continue straight ahead Take Xindian Road → turn left at Yuhaipu Road → turn left at Yuxinggang South Street → turn right at the first intersection, take Linhai Road → turn left, continue along Linhai Road → turn right at Zhongzheng Road → at the first 1 intersection turns left and walks along the sea

  • Bus

    ◎All bus routes can be reached by getting off at Ma Gong “Dock Station”.

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