TIPC Pens Agreement with Argo Yachts Development Co., Ltd. to Develop New Taichung International Yacht Marina in Port of Taichung Tourism, Recreation, and Commercial District

  • Release date:2024/03/19
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The Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) is proceeding full steam ahead with its master plan to promote Port of Taichung as a central Taiwan mecca for water tourism and recreation. Benefitting from public enthusiasm for Mitsui Outlet Park in Taichung Port, tens of millions of visitors have flooded in the port recreational area since that mall’s opening in December 2018. Wharf Nos. 20A and 20B on the northwest side of the Mitsui Outlet park, designated for development as a dedicated pleasure craft marina, have now been leased to Taiwan’s largest yachting leisure leader Argo Yachts Development Co., Ltd. The company will build an international integrated marina on the site, with subsequent plans to develop hotel, dining, and retail services as well as family art and entertainment and marine education facilities, with the ultimate goal of creating a multifaceted complex tailored to serve the entertainment, recreation, and yacht pier support needs of central Taiwan. Port of Taichung’s plans to develop and lease Warf Nos. 20A and 20B for use as a new tourism, recreation, and commercial district have been in the works for quite a number of years. Following a third round of bidding in autumn 2023, the review committee selected Argo Yachts Development’s bid as the most competitive. The 30-year build and operate lease covers a total of 10.7 hectares (5.9ha of land area and 4.8ha of water area). Project development will proceed in two phases. Phase 1, centered on Wharf No. 20B adjacent to Mitsui Outlet Park, will develop around 2ha of water area, including the installation of wave attenuator and some 30 berths, as well as onshore facilities, including a clubhouse, Yacht Boulevard, and boat yard. Phase 2, centered on Wharf No. 20A, will develop 1.3ha of water area, including the installation of 50 berths, as well as onshore facilities, including a hotel and family-friendly amusement facility. The completion of both phases within five years will result in Port of Taichung’s newest tourism and recreation spotlight destination. Once online, this one-of-a-kind magnet for water fun and recreation will fit perfectly into Central Taiwan’s main coastal tourism route, which also includes the port’s Zhong 2nd Road Service Corridor, Wuqi Fishing Port, the Gaomei Wetlands, Taichung Museum of Marine Biology, Museum of Sustainable Energy, Wuqi Old Street, the Golden Tulip Hotel (Taichung), “Coastal New City”, and other travel and business destinations. Port of Taichung’s new marina is a key part of overall efforts to transform Port of Taichung and the neighboring area. Provided by:Port Business Dept., Port of Taichung, TIPC Contact Person:Chiu-mei Hung, Manager Telephone No.:04-2664-2110 E-mail Address:T01186@twport.com.tw