Port of Keelung Upgrades Facilities to Ensure Safety of Shoreline Fishing Enthusiasts

  • Release date:2018/09/19
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To better protect the safety of shoreline fishermen in the Port of Keelung area, the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC)’s Port of Keelung subsidiary has significantly upgraded emergency rescue facilities and completed comprehensive maintenance work along the port’s eastern seawall. The results will provide shoreline fishermen with a safer and better-equipped platform for sport fishing activities. The Port of Keelung regularly permits public shoreline fishing along its eastern seawall under conditions that related activities are done safely and do not interfere with normal port operations. Considering the occasionally strong waves that hit this section, the port authority has erected a new stainless-steel chain-link fence fixed with posts set at 7m intervals to provide a solid structural barrier for fishermen and other members of the public. Also, hoop barriers have been installed along narrower sections of the wall and at curves to further prevent people and vehicles from falling into sea waters. Furthermore, in the interests of fishing safety, the TIPC has at the Port of Keelung repaired / replaced grate coverings, repaired surfaces, repaired / reinforced cement barriers, and installed additional warning and cautionary signage along Port of Keelung seawalls as well as installed stainless-steel ladders on the seawall’s seaward face for emergency and rescue use. A statement by the Port of Keelung notes that summer is high season for night fishing, when port waters team with hairtail, skipjack tuna, and a variety of squid. Therefore, authorities have inlaid reflective strips into seawall surfaces and added a coat of reflective paint to protective fences and emergency / rescue facilities to strengthen safety for nighttime sport fishermen. Even with the additional safety measures, the Port of Keelung reminds shoreline fishing enthusiasts that they remain responsible for following all safety regulations and for always conducting themselves responsibly and safely when fishing in port waters. Provided by:Harbor Management Division, Port of Keelung, TIPC Contact Person:Kuang-tsai Peng, Manager Telephone No.:02-24206251 E-mail Address:pengkt@twport.com.tw