Revitalizing Port Buildings; Promoting Green, Renewable Energy

  • Release date:2018/09/19
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Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) subsidiary Port of Hualien, responding to national commercial port and renewable energy policies and in line with the Executive Yuan’s “The Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program”, is actively working to promote environmentally-sustainable green-energy facilities, promote green-energy utilization within the port, and be the model for international commercial port operations on the East Coast. Port authorities are currently working to install solar panels on warehouse roofs to create an integrated photovoltaic power system that will help the port make optimal use of available resources. According to Port of Hualien authorities, although Taiwan’s East Coast does not receive as much annual sunlight as the West Coast, the port is proceeding forward with developing and promoting green energy sources. The public-bid contract to install a photovoltaic power system on the roof of Warehouse 14 was awarded in February of this year to General Energy Solutions on a 20-year lease. Installation work began in August and may be generating and selling power as early as the end of October – five months earlier than originally planned. In addition, installation of a similar system on the roof of Warehouse 6 is slated to begin during 4Q 2018, with power generation and sales expected in 1Q 2019. Once the potential for warehouse rooftop power generation has been fully exploited, the installed systems should generate about 1,700kWh of electricity, representing 667 tons of reduced CO2 emissions and the equivalent of planting 74ha of new forest. The Port of Hualien is pushing steadily and realistically forward on green-port policies and doing its part to reduce carbon emissions. Relevant data on the new facilities are noted in the following table: