New Shipbuilding Facility to Break Ground Soon at Suao Port

  • Release date:2018/11/12
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After successfully winning the bid to lease 6 ha. of land and associated facilities near the Official Basin at Suao Port over one year ago, Lung Teh (LT) Shipbuilding Company formally received construction permits for the site on October 30th (2018). The company will start construction in December and should finish all new facilities on its Suao Port campus in March 2020. LT Shipbuilding operations at Suao Port are expected to create at least 200 new job openings. Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC)’s active recruitment of companies to establish business operations at Suao Port, a branch port of TIPC’s Port of Keelung subsidiary, has begun bearing fruit. LT Shipbuilding signed their lease agreement with the Port of Keelung at the end of 2016 to lease land for its shipbuilding operations. The company will construct new shipbuilding and dockyard facilities, ultimately investing an estimated NT$2 billion and generating at least 200 new jobs that will give a significant and welcome boost to the local economy. A statement by TIPC notes that Suao Port has in recent years focused on bolstering its port-industry and tourism/recreation-related strengths. LT Shipbuilding will be joining other business ventures such as the Chii Lih Coral Museum and Brighthouse Hotel in the Suao Port family. In the not-too-distant future, Suao Port anticipates also welcoming new Free Trade Zone (FTZ) investments from businesses in the bamboo materials processing and renewable energy sectors, which will further maximize the utilization of port resources, create new revenue streams, and fuel new regional economic growth and prosperity. Provided by:Suao Port Branch Office, Port of Keelung, TIPC Contact Person:Shuo-tang Fang, Supervisor Telephone No.:03-9972010 E-mail