Port of Taichung Mitsui Outlet Park Set for 12-12 Grand Opening!

  • Release date:2018/11/12
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Mitsui Outlet Park, Taichung City’s first large-scale shopping mall, is on course for a spectacular grand opening on December 12th! Taichung Port’s new integrated leisure and recreation destination Mitsui Outlet Park occupies a generous, 18-ha stretch of port land. Phase I welcomes the opening of 170 retail shops and outlets, including famous makers such as TUMI, The North Face, Timberland, and Stage; restaurants including Ivorish, Bulls, Kintan Buffet, Kaneko Hannosuke, and Sanwa Japanese Restaurant; and entertainment providers such as Snow Town and Asobi Square, as well as a stunning new Ferris wheel offering unbeatable coastal views. The Port of Taichung notes that Mitsui Outlet Park’s design concept, “Enjoy the Voyage of Style”, will unfold through a progressively expanding tapestry of places, connections, and spaces that synchronize with and accentuate the port’s leisure image. Already installed and accessible to visitors include the public art installation “Mazu Crossing the Sea”, newly landscaped green spaces, and the Port of Taichung “Secret Garden” area. The port’s next major public art installation piece, “Smart Symbiosis” is scheduled to be unveiled on November 17th. The Port of Taichung is an international commercial port with a diverse business portfolio, including a green industry district, port logistics district, and tourism and leisure district. The opening of Mitsui Outlet Park sets the port’s tourism and leisure mechanism in motion and anticipates the addition of new hotels and entertainment / leisure facilities. Convenient connections to Taichung Port destinations via the city’s light rail / MRT network will also give visitors easy light-rail access to Wuqi Fishing Port, the Gaomei Wetlands, the Maritime Ecological Aquarium, Dajia’s Mazu Temple, and other area travel destinations, making the port a central coast spotlight destination and giving the Port of Taichung an exciting, new image. Looking ahead, in addition to continuing its recruitment of an eclectically diverse array of tourism/leisure sector investors, the Port of Taichung will support the development of wind-turbine logistics and assembly facilities that will be necessary to realize the government’s long-term offshore wind-turbine development program. The Port of Taichung will thus increasingly become a sustainable nexus of both recreation and green energy. Provided by:Port of Taichung, TIPC Contact Person:Che-wei Hsu, Manager Telephone No.:04-2664-2224 E-mail Address:wei316@twport.com.tw