Tai-Shing steps into the offshore wind localization industry in Port of Taichung, TIPC.

  • Release date:2019/01/23
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Port of Taichung, TIPC(Taiwan International Ports Corp.,LTD.) announces the public tender winner of “the Port of Taichung Industrial Zone II around 12 Ha. Leasing” is Tai-Shing Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. on 23rd Jan,2019.It wins the right to sign the leasing contract with TIPC of land in Industrial Zone II around 12Ha. Tai-Shing Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd.( hereinafter called the “Tai-Shing” )has been established since 1979. After almost 40 years great efforts, Tan-Shing has professional skills to produce the pressure vessel, eg. large heat exchanger, boiler, pressure container…etc. Now Tai-Shing is going to step into the offshore wind industry and support the government green and localization policy. Tai-shing will build up a factory at Port of Taichung to generate the transition piece(TP) of wind turbine. The overall investment of the factory is around 3.3billioons. The factory is going to be built by the end of this year(2018), and finished at 2021. After the construction completed, the annual production of TP is 60 set. And it will bring the job opportunity around 350 people. In the future, Tai-shing is also have the intention to base in Port of Taichung but join the offshore wind market of north-east Asia. Tai-shing is a company that after Yeong Guan Group and Tien-Li to set up the localization base in Taichung port. After this, Taichung Port offshore wind localization area is still around 59ha is rentable and we, TIPC, welcome all the potential companies that is going to join the localization policy of our government. We are looking forward to the brand new green future of Taichung Port and whole world and you. Please feel free to contact us anytime to get the information of offshore wind localization area. contact info: Port of Taichung, TIPC Che-wei Hsu, Manager tel: +886-4-2664-2224/ email: wei316@twport.com.tw