Port of Taichung Fully Supporting Creation of Strong Domestic Offshore Wind-Power Industry

  • Release date:2019/08/15
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Taiwan International Port Corporation (TIPC)’s Port of Taichung subsidiary is working diligently to facilitate the achievement of national offshore windfarm development policy goals, which call for installing 5.7GW of wind-power generation capacity by 2025. Port of Taichung’s 2nd Industrial Zone has been designated as a center of national wind-power industry development, and efforts are well underway to construct specialized wharves to handle and transport wind-turbine and tower components. Structural work on one of these (Wharf No. 106) is scheduled for completion this year, with project work slated for completion next year (2020). The Executive Yuan has directed the creation of an offshore wind-farm industry park and operations center at the Port of Taichung. The port subsequently began related preparations by building / renovating Wharf Nos. 2, 5A, 5B, 36, and 106 to facilitate anticipated offshore wind-farm component production, storage, assembly and transportation needs. Wharf No. 106 has been designated for receiving turbine materials and shipping out assembled wind turbine components, with auxiliary use as a general bulk cargo wharf. Port of Taichung officials note that Wharf No. 106 uses a steel pipe and sheet pile, reduced-load wharf design. It measures 450m in length and provides a structural width of 33m and maintained water depth of -16.3m. In terms of UDL, the finished wharf will be rated for 40mt/m2 over 187.7m, 10mt/m2 over 237.5m, and 3mt/m2 over 24.8m. Moreover, to meet the requirements of jack-up vessels, the seabed in an area extending 200m beyond both ends of the wharf and 60m outward from the base line has been sufficiently reinforced to permit turbine installation vessel (TIV) anchor loading operations up to 90mt/m2. Wharf support facilities (such as bollards, fenders, and rail tracks) and associated public facilities (such as roadways, drains, electrical power, telecommunications, fire suppression systems, and water / water-supply channels) are slated for completion in 2020. Port of Taichung President Chan-yu Lu remarked that in order to fully support national 2020 5.7GW wind-power goals, TIPC is doing more than creating a comprehensive base for related industry development and growth and for related maintenance / workboat support. TIPC, he said, has made a significant investment in Taiwan International Windpower Training Corp. Ltd. (TIWTC) in order to train up critical domestic wind-power industry talent. Once critical assets are in place, the Port of Taichung will be in an exceptional position to develop a globally competitive offshore wind-power industry cluster and to gain global visibility as a world-class hub of green energy industry development. The Port of Taichung further noted that several companies, including the Yeong Guan Group, Red Blades Windtek, and Tai-Shing Wind Power Corp., have already established operations in the port’s 2nd Industrial Zone, with Siemens Gamesa scheduled to move in soon as well. Finally, the July 30th results of an open tender led to High Tek Offshore Tower Structures Co. being invited to be the zone’s 5th resident. The Port of Taichung will continue to recruit related businesses and welcomes interested investors to contact. Provided by Construction Management & Engineering Department, Port of Taichung, TIPC Contact Person Huang Wei-cheng, Manager Telephone No. 04-26562611#2550