C.F. Windpower and H.T. Windpower Expected to Sign Lease Agreement for Port of Taichung Operations

  • Release date:2019/10/17
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Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) anticipates signing the “Port of Taichung Wharf No 106, Adjacent Land, and Industrial Park (II) Land Lease, Investment, and Operating Contract” with C.F. Windpower, Ltd. and H.T. Windpower, Ltd. in mid-November. The latter two firms are planning to develop the wharf and the leased land (approx. 4.8ha) into a center of wind-turbine blade, tower, and nacelle assembly, with commercial-scale operations slated to begin in 4Q 2021. A statement by the Port of Taichung notes that C.F. Windpower and H.T. Windpower were both founded by the wind-power development group Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and that both companies are partners in the MOEA Bureau of Energy’s Zhangfang and Xidao Offshore Wind Farm Development Project. This project is scheduled to generate 600MW of grid electricity, with 10 9.5MW turbines to be completed in the first phase. These turbines will be the largest assembled at the Port of Taichung to date. Furthermore, the statement underscored that the port is continuing to install basic infrastructure in the offshore wind-power industry zone (Industrial Park II), including new / upgraded roadways and wharves for handling arriving / departing goods. Once finished, it is hoped that the port’s comprehensive facilities will attract more investment, bring new business to area industries, and increase employment opportunities in line with national offshore wind/green power policy goals. Provided by:Port Business Dept., Port of Taichung, TIPC Contact Person:Che-wei Hsu, Manager Telephone No.:04-2664-2224 E-mail Address:wei316@twport.com.tw