Port of Hualien Promotes Green Sea Burial and Sea Remembrance Services

  • Release date:2019/03/11
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Rising environmental consciousness and changes in public attitudes have led to a growing public interest in “green” burial alternatives (e.g., burial at sea or ‘pod’ burials). In support of government environmental protection policies, the Port of Hualien is offering a special incentive rate of NT$11,000 (70% discount off the regular rate) on its sea-burial service in order to encourage greater public awareness / utilization of green burial options. This incentive rate will be offered through the end of this year (2019). The Port of Hualien has offered sea-burial services since 2017, which include charter boat services and assistance with sea-burial procedures. The port has recently begun offering annual remembrance services as well, which take relatives out on special memorial excursions on a date/s that is special to the family. The Port of Hualien announced that it was discounting its sea-burial service from NT$15,750 to NT$11,000 until the end of 2019 in order to help promote national ‘green’ burial policies. Families in special financial need may apply for an additional discount to help relieve related financial burdens. Interested families are encouraged to apply through either an officially registered funeral-services provider or the Port of Hualien. A sea-burial permit issued by the Hualien County Government is required prior to submitting a formal application. In addition, the Port of Hualien has made a short film to introduce its sea-burial services, which is publicly available online via the following link: https://youtu.be/jZrnNrdxtWA. Provided by:Port of Hualien, TIPC Contact Person:Hui-hsiung Su, Manager Telephone No.:03-8310667 E-mail Address:vangaudi@twport.com.tw