TIPC Helping Ensure a Successful Return of Tourism to Nanfang'ao on the Eve of the Reopening of Nanfang'ao Bridge

  • Release date:2022/12/01
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The Nanfang'ao Harbor Bridge Reconstruction Project, which began on July 16th, 2020, will be finished and open to vehicle traffic by the close of this year (2022). The expedited completion schedule meets the government commitment to rebuild the collapsed bridge as soon as feasibly possible. In a public statement, Port of Keelung noted that, in addition to its crucial role as a vehicular link between Nanfang'ao and the Tofu Cape Scenic Area, the bridge is expected to become a touristic attraction in its own right. Responding to the county government's opening of a national sailboat training center and the Nanfang'ao Cultural Center of Fishery on the cape, TIPC recently installed mascot sculptures at the entrance to Suao Port and a key intersection and completed work on several support projects, including the Yishan Road public parking lot and shuttle station, the East Bank parking lot, and the Wharf No. 12 parking lot. These infrastructure projects will both warmly welcome the anticipated return of visitors to the area and finally provide adequate parking for weekend and holiday crowds. Furthermore, supporting the water recreation component of the national tourism infrastructure policy, TIPC launched the groundbreaking Suao Port Passenger Service Facility Project, which is scheduled for completion in July 2023. Beyond enhancing Suao Port passenger services, the facility will serve as a public transportation depot and promote local cultural and tourism attractions to entice visitor interest, generate more tourism revenue for the local economy, and ultimately attract more business investment to Suao Port. TIPC is eagerly maximizing the overall potential of Suao Port, while looking to the 2023 "Year of Island-Hopping Tourism" to further stimulate the port tourism and leisure sector and give port cities a new and vibrant shine. Provided by:Suao Port Branch Office, Port of Keelung, TIPC Contact Person: Lee-jen Feng, Manager Telephone No.:03-9965121#275 E-mail Address:fengline@twport.com.tw