Major Overall for Port of Taichung Range Markers Further Boosts Navigational Safety in Port Waters

  • Release date:2022/12/01
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Port of Taichung has an elongated profile that stretches 12.5km north to south along the coast, with an east-west width ranging from 2.5km at its narrowest to 4.5km at its widest. To more effectively help pilots assist vessels with entry and departure procedures, signifi-cantly upgraded range markers for guiding vessels into and through port navigation chan-nels will be fully installed by the end of April 2023. In a recent statement, Port of Taichung President Rung-tsung Chen noted that Port of Tai-chung, which covers 2,903ha of land area and 8,382ha of water area, maintains 5 pairs of land-based range markers. This project will reconstruct 5 of these markers to a height of 43.5~65.5m, making them available for visual reckoning even further away from the port and creating new landmarks for the port itself. He stressed that his port's strong growth and expansion in recent years and its rising importance as a base for the wind farm supply and support industry have increased port traffic and activity, and prioritized the improve-ment of the port's navigation safety facilities. The steel structures necessary to support the new range markers have already been erected under the Port of Taichung Land-based Range Marker Renovation Project, with President Chen presiding over a ceremony on November 18th to mark the final beam em-placement. The ceremony was also attended by over 60 VIP guests, including CECI Engi-neering Consultants Vice President Chin-sen Chang, Y.S. Engineering Consultants repre-sentative Shan-jen Chueh, Sheng Ta Construction Chairman Hsien-chung Ho, and Loshin Industries (steel products supplier) President Hsieh-kui Lin. With these structures now complete, the focus of project work will shift to installing necessary electrical / mechanical facilities, base work, and protective fencing, with all work slated to be finished by the end of April of this coming year (2023). Land-based range markers, in use at Port of Taichung since 1997, have been a crucial aid to navigational safety at the port. The rise in land-leasing and investment activity in recent years has significantly increased the number of floodlights installed within the port, which has reduced the offshore visibility and maintenance accessibility of a number of the origi-nal range markers. Based on a range of considerations, including future ease of mainte-nance, environmental conditions, aesthetics, and IALA standards, the decision was made to reconstruct the affected markers out of structural steel piping. The new range markers will be significantly higher, have maintenance ladders, and be painted bright orange to im-prove visibility for pilots guiding vessels in and out of port waters. The five range markers targeted by this project include one pair in the yard adjacent to Wharf 105, one pair set respectively in the yard adjacent to Wharf 36 and behind Wharf 20B (Mitsui Outlet Park), and one marker located behind Wuqi Fishing Port. Construction began in September and the steel structures for each have since been completed ahead of schedule. After testing of the markers’ mechanical and electrical systems is finished, fencing and landscaping work around the base will commence. With work progressing well within schedule and quality requirements, this project earned a score of 85 (Class A rating) in this year's MOTC project assessment cycle. In line with its professional operational management responsibilities, Port of Taichung continues to maintain and improve the envi-ronment for vessels navigating through its waters. Provided by:Construction Management / Engineering Dept., Port of Taichung, TIPC Contact Person:Ming-ta Wang, Deputy Director Telephone No.:04-2664-2502 E-mail