TIPC Highlights 2022 Results and Plans for 2023

  • Release date:2023/01/18
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Against the backdrop of market uncertainty driven by continued pandemic concerns, the war in Ukraine, and inflationary pressures at home and abroad, the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) continued promoting a broad spectrum of business activities at its ports nationwide in 2022. Group revenues for the year set a new record of NT$21.86 billion, a 5% increase over 2021. Reflecting the year's generally downward economic pressures, handled container volumes dipped 5% in 2022 to 14.68 million TEU. Nevertheless progress continued on TIPC major infrastructure projects across the board, putting Taiwan's ports in good stead to increase volumes when economic factors improve. Commercial lease opportunities at TIPC ports open to private sector investors received strong and positive responses from bidders in 2022 in both core cargo handling / transportation and waterfront & coastal tourism development sectors. Significant advances were also made in developing the regular capacity necessary at TIPC ports to support the achievement of national offshore wind power policy objectives. Also, in terms of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG), TIPC is closely tracking global emissions-reduction trends by expanding its utilization of renewable energy sources and reducing overall emissions. In terms of core port business activities, TIPC in 2022 completed seawall construction and additional land reclamation activities adjacent to Wharf Nos. S07 and S08 in Taipei Port's South Wharf District as well as all major construction work on Phase 1 of the 7th Container Terminal at Port of Kaohsiung. Work is continuing to strengthen basic infrastructure to further raise the quality of the work environment and services delivered at all TIPC ports. TIPC signed lease agreements that will bring NT$30 billion in new private sector investment to subsidiary ports. Examples include Uni-President Express Corporation's new investment in Port of Taichung's Logistics Park, Wan Hai Lines' new investments in Wharf Nos. 79-81 at Port of Kaohsiung's 5th Container Terminal, soon-to-be-finished construction on an oil barge pier, and the continued influx of offshore wind power-related firms to TIPC ports on Taiwan's West Coast. In terms of waterfront / coastal tourism, TIPC completed renovation work on the new passenger terminal and visitor center in the historic West Warehouse Nos. 2 & 3 complex at Port of Keelung and completed restoring Port of Hualien's Warehouse No. 14 as the port's new passenger-processing center and anchor for tourism and waterfront recreation development in the area. In terms of industry development, in 2022 Port of Taichung's National Offshore Wind-Energy Development Park continued to attract new businesses, with component manufacturers Yeong Guan, Tien Li Offshore Wind Technology, Century Huaxin Wind Energy, and Siemens Gamesa setting up operations in the park. Also, in mid-2022, Century Huaxin commenced production of wind farm underwater support elements in their Taipei Port facility adjacent to Wharf Nos. S07-S09. Going forward, TIPC will continue to develop and operate the port infrastructures necessary to achieve national energy policy priorities. In addition, TIPC made significant new strides forward in 2022 in the realms of smart-port transformation and sustainable development. In addition to launching the Port of Kaohsiung real-time port traffic information app (Gangwu 168) and a new 3D smart port operations management system, TIPC is continuing to encourage firms to test and validate new smart port applications at its subsidiary ports. Recent examples include a new AI-OCR-enabled image recognition system for port gantry cranes and an innovative UAV-based inspection platform. Also, TIPC is aggressively promoting ESG-tied sustainable development initiatives across its subsidiaries. Examples include creating and expanding green forest areas within subsidiary ports, restricting in-port vessel speeds, opening e-enabled roadways, operating automated gate systems, and installing air-quality monitoring facilities. Efforts have so far reduced 130,000mt in carbon emissions. In recognition of its strong effort, TIPC was presented with the Platinum Award (transportation sector) and Circular Economy Leadership Award (non-manufacturing sector) at the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy Research-sponsored Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards (TSAA) on November 16th, 2022. In 2023, TIPC will again focus on its core port business activities and implement key related projects across its subsidiaries. The official start of commercial operations by Evergreen Marine at Phase 1 of Port of Kaohsiung's 7th Container Terminal and subsequent transfer of Wharf Nos. 79-81 at the 5th Container Terminal to Wan Hai Lines in 2023 will expand significantly the scope of shipping company activities and handling capacity at the port. At Port of Keelung, work will continue in 2023 to relocate military and naval infrastructures and to lease commercial space in the West Passenger Terminal complex to facilitate passenger and cargo development growth plans. At Port of Taichung, construction will commence on Wharf Nos. 37 and 38 to support offshore wind power development needs. At Port of Hualien, work will continue to bring private sector investors in to help develop waterfront / coastal tourism opportunities. Also in 2023, TIPC will formally set a corporate carbon-reduction blueprint and roadmap that will ensure the company halves its emissions by 2030 and becomes a net carbon-zero operation by 2050. TIPC commits that, in addition to continuing to improve basic port infrastructures, it will continue working to achieve core digital-transformation and net-carbon-zero goals, actualize its ESG ideals, and solidify the international competitiveness of the entire group. Provided by:Planning Division, TIPC Contact Person:Eric Lin, Senior Deputy Director Telephone No.:07-2136922 E-mail Address:eric_lin@twport.com.tw