Refurbished Signal Station to Add Functionality and New Aesthetic Interest to Port of Taichung

  • Release date:2023/05/09
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In support of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) initiative prioritizing the professionalism and professional workspace quality of port staff engaged in domestic smart-port and vessel traffic services (VTS) work, TIPC Taiwan International Ports Corp. subsidiary Port of Taichung will initiate major repairs and upgrades inside the port’s signal station, which serves as the nerve center of VTS activities at the port. Also, to improve the resilience and reliability of the station’s backup power supply system and repair exterior damage, additional work will be concurrently done to upgrade station power systems and repair and waterproof exposed exterior walls. A related budget has been drafted and submitted for approval. Planned project work is scheduled to take one calendar year to finish, with all work expected to be completed by May 2024. Port of Taichung’s signal station occupies 521.17m2 of land in the Linbin section of Taichung City’s Qingshui District. Interior work will focus on streamlining the facility for VTS staff, with improvements scheduled for workspaces, rest areas, and washrooms to improve both morale and efficiency at the station. Electric wiring installed at various times over the past three decades has left the station with a difficult to maintain and repair power supply system. Thus, project work will also rationalize and update the station’s electricity grid for staff safety as well as the reliability of station operations. Exterior work will focus on ensuring all outward facing walls are sufficiently resistant to water, weather, and salt damage. A final coating of exterior stone-texture paint will be used as an economical strategy to reliably seal exposed building elements against environmental harm. In terms of aesthetics, project architects are working with the building’s original structure, designed as two angularly overlapped squares (appearing as an 8-sided “starburst” shape when observed from above), to create a fresh, new image for the station. While the overall structure will be painted in subdued white and grey, several external elements will be painted in yellow, symbolizing vitality; red, symbolizing the unquenchable desire for progress; and blue, symbolizing magnanimity and outreach. The use of clean lines and simple color scheme draws attention to the station’s octagonal design, which is meant to elicit thoughts of a welcoming sunburst or, perhaps, a compass showing the way to safe harborage, and symbolize the station’s abiding commitment to service and to safeguarding Taichung harbor. Provided by:Construction Mgmt. & Engineering Dept., Port of Taichung, TIPC Contact Person:Chih-pin Yang, Manager Telephone No.:04-2664-2510 E-mail