Taipei Port Welcomes Bids from Investors Interested to Do Business in Bali Township’s First Integrated Traffic and Leisure Services Area

  • Release date:2023/07/06
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Port of Keelung, TIPC welcomes all interested businesses to consider investing in Taipei Port’s new traffic service area. Request for bids on commercial lease contracts will be released beginning this month (July 2023). The Taipei Port Traffic Service Area occupies three hectares of land within Taipei Port, with easy access to main local roads, expressways, and National Highway 1. The area is well-positioned as a rest stop for tractor-trailer drivers and visitors to the port and ideal for providing dining, shopping, and local gift services for travelers as well as professional auto and container repair, storage, parking, fuel, and water supply services. The Traffic Service Area is expected to enhance the convenience and quality of life of residents near Taipei Port and expand rest and leisure options for residents and visitors alike. Demand for rest and leisure services and facilities for motorists and commercial drivers in and around Taipei Port is expected to rise steadily once direct ferry routes to China are eventually restored and the Danjiang Bridge & Connecting Roadways Project is completed. Working to synchronize with related national projects and the Taipei Port East (1-1) Passenger Terminal, port officials are actively working to lease available land in the Taipei Port Traffic Service Area to optimize the value and utilization of port land. Taipei Port, administered by Port of Keelung, TIPC, is northern Taiwan’s largest international commercial port. The port is strategically located on the Taiwan Strait, close to both Taoyuan International Airport and metropolitan Taipei, and just across the Danshui River from the town of Danshui. It is a crucial hub not only for the import and export of sea cargoes but also for industrial logistics service providers and the renewable energy industry. Taipei Port is well endowed to support business growth and success. Contact us today to learn more about how your business can benefit from investing in and growing with Taipei Port! Contact window: Mr. Chen (manager), tel – (02) 2619-6025, cell – (0928) 149-450. Provided by:Taipei Port Branch Office Contact Person:Shu-fen Chen, Manager Telephone No.:02-2619-6025 E-mail