date:Nov. 14, 2018


Marine business of Taiwan though already had submitted a smart report in the past thanks to the joint efforts from all parties concerned, it takes a brand-new approach to maintain the existing advantages in the environment today that highly demands punctuality and fast response in every aspect. Application of IT to upgrade port competitive strength and improve operation benefits of the marine transportation service providers have become the direction calling for the joint commitments by the government and the marine transportation business owners.

The administration of the Republic of China proposed in January 1995 the promotion of Taiwan as the operation center for the Asia-Pacific area with the core development of a marine transit center, air freight (passenger and cargo) center and telecom in building up Taiwan as the manufacturing, financial and media center, thus to bring the highly value added benefits from integrated systems at the top of pyramid of the manufacturing industry into full play. Wherein, as part of the implementation options for the marine transit center, the construction of Marine Information Communication System incorporates the development of information and communication, simplifies the port operation, improve marine transit operation process and upgrade process quality to arrive at the ideal status of automated marine transit and port operation for promoting international competition strength.