date:Oct. 21, 2018

Taipei Port Opens Limited Area to Public Surf Fishing, Expanding Opportunities for Water Leisure and Recreation  
Taiwan is surrounded by seas rich in marine resources. Responding to the growing popularity of water recreation and leisure activities, the Taipei Port Branch Office of the Port of Keelung, TIPC has opened a limited section of the port to public surf fishing in a manner that both insures the safety of participants and does not impact upon port safety, functions, or normal vessel operations. The Taipei Port administration expressed that it has opened limited sections of Taipei Port to public fishing in accordance with relevant provisions of the national Commercial Port Law, Regulations Governing the Administration of International Ports, and TIPC rules governing the management of public fishing. Furthermore, the port is currently accepting fishing-access requests only from fishing-related clubs, groups, and organizations, which bear all responsibility for related safety and procedural issues. The area opened to surf fishing in Taipei Port comprises a 1.2km stretch of the port’s northern breakwater. CCTV security cameras cover the entire area with the exception of the parking lot, life-preserver facilities, vehicle turnaround area, and the parking-prohibited zone. In addition, the port has secured the cooperation of police, coastguard, and coastal patrol authorities in responding to the emergency needs and safety of sport fishermen (and support staffs) and has purchased additional accident and travel / group insurance. To further insure the safety of sport-fishing activities, Taipei Port has recently added life-preserver facilities, warning light systems, and related public signage and demarcation lines in the designated fishing zone. Taipei Port further noted that plans are continuing forward on the development of the overall port and its infrastructure. The expansion of the port on reclaimed land is proceeding forward, with work on related cofferdams and breakwaters in the 3rd and 4th Logistics & Warehouse Areas scheduled to commence in 2019. As the zone currently opened to sport fishing traverses this designated work area, the port will consider relocating fishing activities to another dedicated zone to ensure safety. The public fishing zone at Taipei Port is currently open every Saturday and Sunday from sunrise to sunset (05:30 – 17:00 during summer months). Those interested to fish along the port’s northern breakwater are encouraged to visit the port’s official website and register with the Fishing Association of Taipei City. Provided by:Taipei Port Branch Office, Port of Keelung, TIPC Contact Person:Shang-ju Chou Telephone No.:02-2619-6005 E-mail