Crew Wisdom Service Platform Function Description Session 4

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1. The purpose of the event:
From 106 to 108, the crew's Smart Service Platform (SOL) was established to provide innovative services for education, testing, training, and hiring, including the management of the maritime school curriculum and the survey of the nautical personnel. And automatic matching of qualifications, professional training course management and online registration, can improve the efficiency of administrative operations by more than 70%; and assist the airlines to recruit and match the qualifications of the crew to achieve the goal of expanding the employment market of the Chinese crew; Data, providing crew supply and demand and trend analysis, as an important reference for crew development policy.
The planning crew of the platform from the maritime school, the crew professional training organization, the internship to the boarding service career process, through the intelligent system value-added application, to establish a complete personal resume information, and provide crew members career planning and other functions Service to promote the crew to enhance their professional capabilities. Therefore, in order to properly listen and effectively return the opinions of the crew, a special briefing session will be held.

This year, this Council will continue to be in the Republic of China Captain's Guild, the National Federation of the Republic of China Steamship Business Association, the China Seafarers' Federation of Trade Unions Kaohsiung Branch, the Central Airline Center of this Council, the Eastern Airline Center of this Council, the National Taiwan Ocean University, the Taipei Ocean University of Science and Technology, and the National Kaohsiung Technology The university and the lecture halls of this office will handle briefings.

2. The joint main office:
The Airports Port of the Ministry of Communications, the China Seafarers' Federation of Trade Unions Kaohsiung Branch
3. Execution Unit:
Chunghwa Telecom Data Communication Branch
4. Registration Period:
October 29, 2007 (Monday) to November 12, 2007 (Monday)
5. Processing time:
November 13th, 2007 (Tuesday) 14:00~16:00 6. Venue:
Kaohsiung Branch of China Seafarers' Federation of Trade Unions (Conference Room, 4th Floor, No. 12, Qixian 3rd Road, Kaohsiung City)
7. Object:
8. Registration method:
Registration phone 0800-022-120 (free of charge), fax registration (02) 8192-7019
9. For registration, please contact: 
Chunghwa Telecom Data Communication Branch: 0800-022-120, E-Mail: