"107 Annual MTNet Platform Function Enhancement Project" Education and Training Program

  • Release date:2018/10/24
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1. The purpose of the event:
The Airports Port of the Ministry of Communications (hereinafter referred to as the Bureau) is a service function that continuously strengthens and refines the single window service platform (MTNet) of the port, and achieves the goal of connecting with the domestic and international information platform network, and information exchange and cooperation. The Airport Single Window Service Platform (MTNet) Function Enhancement Project will enhance the administrative operations of China's aviation administration and optimize the quality of convenience services.

In response to the improved functions of the MTNet system, we are familiar with and fully understand the MTNet system audit management process and related operations (including system functions, benefits and how to apply and use). This educational training program.
The use of information technology to enhance the competitiveness of maritime operators and improve the operational efficiency of the maritime service industry has become the direction of the current concerted efforts of the government and the industry. This education and training is expected to be used by the business operators of the various units of the Bureau and the relevant units of the MTNet system through interactive teaching. Those who are familiar with the airport information system more quickly and make the MTNet system more in line with the actual needs of users, welcome to sign up!

2. The registration method

(1) Online registration: MTNet Education and Training Information Network

(2) If you have already applied and are unable to attend the day of the class, you must notify the planning team, the Airports Information Office (PMO) staff or the MTNet customer service staff to cancel the registration.

(3) The number of applicants for the full-day course must be 10 or more (inclusive). The number of applicants will be counted on the 2nd day before class. If the number is insufficient, the course will be notified by email or telephone.

3. The description of education and training methods: The education and training are divided into two parts: the briefing instructions and the online real-machine operation. The MTNet maintenance team (the data communication branch of Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.) prepares the teaching materials and assigns the lecturer to explain the briefings, and then carries out the online teaching demonstration system process and The user operates in real time.
4. After school test: In order to ensure that the functions of the various systems meet the needs of the business contractor and the relevant system users fully understand the content of the training course, each participant must conduct user test operations after the end of the course to benefit the training of the training participants. For those who fail the training test results, retrain or retake the test according to the situation.
5. Education and training contacts: (1) Planning team: Wu Yuhong, 02-8978-6865, E-Mail: yhwu@motcmpb.gov.tw (2) Airport Information Office (PMO) staff: Wang Zhijia, 02-8978-2684, E-Mail: ccwang@motcmpb.gov.tw (3) MTNet Customer Service Hotline: 0800-022-120, E-Mail: service@mtnet.gov.tw