107 service fee system education training

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In order to enable the users of the system and the relevant personnel in the project to understand the system functions, this education training course will be organized by lecturers with rich experience in education and training. Apart from sharing the practical experience of the team to undertake the service fee of Hong Kong and Hong Kong, it will also Through the hands-on training method, users can fully understand the latest functions and information of the Hong Kong service fee system, and also open up discussions and answers on relevant issues.

Education and Training Day :
August 24, 2007 (Friday) Registration period:
August 13, 2007 (Monday) to August 21, 2007 (Tuesday) Venue:
Meeting Room 110, 1st Floor, Chunghwa Telecom Corporation (21, Section 1, Xinyi Road, Taipei City. 1st floor of the telecommunications building) Registration Method:
Online Online Registration: MTNet Education and Training Information Network Main office:
Transportation Bureau Executive Unit:
Chunghwa Telecom Data Communications Branch