Selection of Yacht Certification Agency of the Airports Administration of the Ministry of Communications

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1. Qualification:

Those who apply for the qualification of the certification body shall meet one of the following three qualifications and shall be inspected with relevant documents:

(1) Members of the International Association of Surveyors (IACS), including the American Ship Survey Association (ABS), the French Ship Survey Association (BV), the Croatian Survey Association (CRS), the DNV GL Classification Association, South Korea Ship Survey Association (KR), Lloyd's Register of Ships (LR), Japan Maritime Association (NK), Polish Ship Inspection Association (PRS), Italian Ship Association (RINA), Russian Ship Survey Association (RS), India Ship Survey Association (IR): If you set up a branch, office or branch office in Taiwan, the documents to be checked are as follows:

On behalf of the members of the International Association of Surveyors, the Ship Inspection Association will carry out the ship classification inspection business certification documents, the company registration certificate or the business registration certificate approved by the competent authority.
Tax payment documents for the past six months.
(2) The ship design company (institution) shall have the performance of more than 3 foreign yacht certification inspections in the past one year. The documents to be inspected shall be as follows:

Cooperate with members of the International Association of Surveyors, or with the certification documents authorized by these survey associations. More than 3 ships have completed the yacht verification report in the past year. Tax payment documents for the past six months.
(3) Those who have established a shipbuilding technician practice organization (office) for more than 2 years, who are licensed by a shipbuilding technician and who perform business for the members of the China Shipbuilding Technician Association, shall have the following documents:
The shipbuilder's practice license photocopy and the membership certificate of the China Shipbuilding Technician Association. There is no tax certificate in the past six months.

2. Date of receipt:
September 1st to September 15th, 2007 (based on postmark).
3. Receiving address:
(10669) Shipbuilding Group, No. 1 Lane 1, Section 3, Heping East Road, Taipei City
4. Review: Time: At 2 pm on September 19, 2007, please bring along the original documents (including the power of attorney and representative identification documents) for verification. Venue: Meeting Room, 1st Floor, Dunnan Building, Airports Department of the Ministry of Communications (1st Floor, No. 6, Lane 236, Siwei Road, Daan District, Taipei)

5. Note:
Please seal the document information in the B5 envelope bag to the post office, and stamp the company or person in charge at the seal.