Welcome to sign up for the 107th MTNet2.0 and "Airport Development Database" promotion/results presentation

  • Release date:2018/09/03
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The Port Authority of the Ministry of Communications is scheduled to hold the "107 Annual MTNet2" on September 26, 2007 (Wednesday) in the Front Office of the Fuhua International Hall of the Executive Office of the Personnel Administration Office of the Executive Yuan (No. 30, Section 3, Xinsheng South Road, Daan District, Taipei) .0 and "Airport Development Database" Promotion / Results Presentation Conference.

This conference, which is positioned as a new opportunity for the new development of the South China Airways, will demonstrate the overall structure and related development and application of MTNet 2.0. In recent years, due to the continuous innovation and development of various types of communication technologies, we have gradually changed us. Life style, this bureau will build the airport business based on cloud computing, take huge data analysis to provide more services and value-added application services closer to the people's ideas, and use social networks to improve the efficiency of airport information transmission and integrate Various innovative technologies such as high-speed fiber optic network, 4G mobile Internet and mobile handheld computing devices, to create a new generation of intelligent government airport services with optimized and high-speed administrative delivery service model; the description is based on the spirit and concept of blockchain. Can be applied MTNet2.0 project; the port development database is applied to the analysis of the current situation of the port data of the new southward country, allowing the industry and academia to study the possible development of Taiwan shipping; and invites the Indian Taipei Association and the Indonesian Maritime Transportation Bureau to introduce India in depth. And Indonesia's economic and trade policies, industrial characteristics and market conditions, providing reference for the use of maritime industry investment.

At the press conference, the "System Experience Zone" will be opened at the same time, allowing participants to operate on site and gain feedback through Q&A and interactive communication. The Airports Bureau of the Ministry of Communications will continue to promote MTNet towards the goal of “paperless, convenient, intelligent, secure, and internationalized” to strengthen the information link between MTNet regions, integrate into the global economic and trade system, and promote China's trade prosperity. To enhance the competitiveness of the country as a whole.

The Department of Transportation's Airports Bureau sincerely invites shipping companies, Hong Kong operators, maritime industry or interested people and students to sign up for this promotion/results presentation, through the advice of every business contact with airlines, Need to see their own responsibilities, to continuously improve the ability to help the industry solve problems to build value, as the MTNet function enhancement and the port development database to be enriched and applied, to advance with the times to improve various information services, and then create a good Good sea transportation environment.

Registration address ; registration deadline is 12 noon on September 25, 2018.

Contact: Planning Team Xu Jiaxuan Section Chief
Contact number: (02) 8978-2842 0952-832805